Clean Drain Dry

Boaters, anglers, hunters and divers can all move Aquatic Invasive Species (AIS) from one body of water to another. When boaters pull their boats out of a body of water, they should always inspect their boat and trailer and remove any visible debris, including plants and animals, including shellfish. Otherwise, these hitchhikers could move from one body of water and establish in another.

This is true for anyone who works or plays in the water. Hunters, anglers and divers, as well as people taking samples or providing services, should always inspect and clean their equipment to make sure that they don’t spread invasive species from one place to another.

Clean, Drain, Dry your watercraft and equipment in order to reduce the spread of Aquatic Invasive Species.


The Canadian Council on Invasive Species has a library of graphics and print materials that are free to download and use for organizations that would like to promote Clean Drain Dry to prevent the spread of invasive species.