Don’t Move Firewood

Forest pests have found their way to Nova Scotia in the past few years. While some, like Gypsy Moth, Dutch Elm Disease and Brown Spruce Longhorn Beetle have been here for many years, there are newcomers as well. Hemlock Woolly Adelgid has been more recently been found in Southwestern Nova Scotia, and the Emerald Ash Borer has been located in Bedford. Some of the forest pests present in Nova Scotia can be found below. A longer, although incomplete, list can be found on the Forest Insects and Diseases Page of the Department of Lands and Forests Web Page.

Forest pests can wipe out acres of trees, causing extensive environmental and economic damage.

One of the ways that these pests move around is by hitchhiking a ride on firewood that is transported from one part of the province to another. People taking firewood with them to parks and campsites may unknowingly move forest pests that are on or in that wood. Firewood delivered by others to your cottage or home could be coming from a significant distance away, bringing pests right into your backyard.

To help prevent the spread of invasive species, there are federal regulations that ban the movement of firewood out of areas where forest pests are known to be present. A list of regulated areas in Nova Scotia is available on the Canadian Food Inspection Agency website under the Nova Scotia menu item.

The best approach to protecting our forests is to not move firewood. If you are going camping, or to the cottage, don’t bring firewood along. Buy your firewood at your destination. Buy local, burn local.


The Canadian Council on Invasive Species has a library of graphics and print materials that are free to download and use for organizations that would like to promote Buy Local Burn Local to prevent the spread of invasive species.