Top 10 Actions to Stop Invasive Species

  1. Learn more about invasive species in Nova Scotia, including how to identify species of concern.
  2. Report and remove invasive alien species on your property, and practice proper disposal.
  3. Do not plant invasive species in your garden.
  4. Clean off clothing, gear, animals, and vehicles (including boats and ATV’s) before and after visiting a natural area.
  5. Beware of Internet sources for live species.
  6. Never dump garden waste or unwanted aquarium/pond animals and plants in natural areas.
  7. Never release live bait or aquatic species into a waterbody, and never transport water from one waterbody to another.
  8. Do not move firewood. Buy local, burn local.
  9. Report invasive species you may find in natural areas.
  10. Spread the message about invasive species – awareness is the key to prevention!