About Us

The Nova Scotia Invasive Species Council (NSISC) aims to raise awareness and promote a coordinated response to the threat of invasive species in Nova Scotia. Our Steering Committee is comprised of volunteers from a variety of academic, government, and non-government organizations. The NSISC builds on the experience of the former Invasive Species Alliance of Nova Scotia (ISANS), which was based at Acadia University from 2007-2012. The NSISC is a recognized provincial chapter of the Canadian Council on Invasive Species (CCIS).

What we do

The Nova Scotia Invasive Species Council hosts regular meetings with our three working-groups focused on research, reporting and mapping, and outreach and communication. We take a broad approach to encourage Nova Scotians to change their behaviour in a way that helps prevent the introduction and reduce the spread of invasive species. Some of the ways by which we achieve this include the following:

  • Develop and distribute outreach resources to promote public education and raise awareness surrounding the threat of invasive species.
  • Promotes citizen science and the reporting and mapping of invasive species to better understand their distribution and spread in Nova Scotia.
  • Conduct research on various topics surrounding invasive species such as the impact that they have on native biodiversity and Species at Risk as well as assorted management and control techniques that will further the understanding of best practices for invasive species management.
  • Collaborate with all levels of government, NGOs, the public, and other stakeholders to provide accurate and up-to-date information about invasive species that are either currently present in Nova Scotia or predicted to soon be present.
  • Develop and distribute resources for the identification, mapping, and management of invasive species.





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