Protecting Our Natural Areas From Invasive Species

Play Clean Go

Stop the spread of invasive species in your tracks

Don’t Move Firewood

Buy your firewood locally.
Buy local, burn local.

Clean Drain Dry

Once you leave the water, clean, drain, dry.

Don’t Let It Loose

Be a responsible pet/animal owner. Do not let it loose in the wild. 

Plant Wise

Choose plants that will thrive and not harm native ecosystems!

Learn how to stop the spread of invasive species.

The Nova Scotia Invasive Species Council (NSISC) aims to raise awareness and promote a coordinated response to the threat of invasive species in Nova Scotia. Our Steering Committee is comprised of volunteers from a variety of academic, government, and non-government organizations. 

In the news and upcoming events

Annual Invasive Species Forum

In-Person and Virtual Event

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