Plant Wise

Humans are largely responsible for the movement of invasive species from one area to another. Many human-assisted pathways have permitted the introduction of invasive species in Nova Scotia. One of these pathways is the garden and horticultural trade. Many invasive species are sold as plants for gardens. Unfortunately, they take over gardens very quickly and can quickly escape cultivation and spread into neighbouring ecosystems.

We have created a Grow Me Instead Guide which highlights some common invasive species used in gardens and offers native or non-invasive alternatives. This will help guide gardeners and landscapers choose non-invasive and native plants that will thrive in their gardens and not harm native ecosystems!

Goals and Objectives of Plant Wise


Develop and promote partnerships between national and provincial horticulture/nursery associations, the CCIS and its provincial members.

Standard Messaging

Promote branding, information sharing, resource consistency, and standard messaging amongst the provincial horticulture outreach groups.


Educate gardeners, garden retailers, nurseries, growers, and the landscape industry to:

  • Understand what invasive plants are, why they’re a problem, and what they can do to prevent their spread
  • Stop buying and selling invasive plants
  • Promote the sale and purchase of non-invasive alterative plants
  • Control or replace invasive plant species
  • Dispose of unwanted plants/plant material properly.


Collaborate with national groups participating in the program.

Code of Conduct

Implement a national voluntary code of conduct for nurseries and retailers.

Invasive Species in Nova Scotia

Japanese Knotweed

Japanese Knotweed

Fact Sheet VASCULAR PLANT Reynoutria japonica | Other Names: Mexican Bamboo, Fleeceflower Description Japanese Knotweed is a woody-stemmed herbaceous perennial 1-3 m tall, with annual

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Rugosa Rose

Rugosa Rose

Fact Sheet VASCULAR PLANT Rosa rugosa Description Rugosa Rose is a dense shrub that grows up to 2.5 m tall. Its stem is robust, with

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Multiflora rose

Multiflora Rose

Fact Sheet VASCULAR PLANT Rosa multiflora | Common names: Multiflower Rose, Rambler Rose Description Multiflora Rose is a woody shrub that grows up to 3

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Oriental Bittersweet

Fact Sheet VASCULAR PLANT Celastrus orbiculatus | Asian Bittersweet Description Deciduous woody vine or trailing shrub. Can reach heights of over 18 m. Leaves simple,

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